As the links below show, we’re already starting to generate some interest in the wider community.

  • We were featured in Issue 3 of the Raspberry Pi Hackspace Magazine.
  • BBC Radio Merseyside came to the UTC basement farm to do a couple of interviews with Paul and Jens. The first was aired on Tony Snell in the Morning and can be found at 01:20:00 and the other was featured on Paul Salt and is at 00:53:00 – 1st August 2017.
  • We were hugely excited to be featured in the BBC’s Countryfile episode on Cities – 30th July 2017.
  • Farm Urban was featured in an article in The Times – 22nd April 2017.
  • Michael Hardman’s article in the Conversation on Urban Farming mentions Farm Urban.
  • A great blog post and video of the MerseySTEM, FACTLab & Farm Urban Aquaponic and Photovoltaic Days- Merseystem Blog 2nd September 2015
  • Education in future farming
  • Community Aquaponics Installation – Liverpool Lifesciences UTC Blog 27th July 2015
  • How fish can save farming – 28th July 2014

For other news, please visit our blog.